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Release Date : 3/21/2014


Series Established 2014


The fantasy universe of Godwars was destroyed and crumbled as 8 elder gods left existence. YOU are the next generation of gods to inherit and struggle for this universe. BUILD a city for your followers, EXPLORE worlds YOU expand and create dynamically, FIGHT in real-time combat with assignable strategies, WAGE WAR with huge groups of highly detailed adventurers and COLLECT dynamically created loot. A combination of elements from Diablo, Fire Emblem, Sim City and Final Fantasy.


  • Every dimension you explore is dynamically created. No two dimensions are the same.
  • Evolving difficulty level bases itself upon your party and your success.
  • TONS of monster varieties face against you in real-time using strategies and tactics just like you.
  • Party based combat with supporting roles, casters and front-line tanks.
  • Fight HUGE bosses.
  • Rankings for everything.
  • Solve riddles and other mini-games in “click, results” type events such as lock picking or magic mirrors.
  • Build cities that improve your ability to adventure.
  • Mini games form secondary games within Godwars.
  • Very expansive class system where you can evolve your followers to different classes based upon their statistics, gender and other hidden elements.
  • Tons of art, music and sound to immerse you into the experience. Credits and Disclaimers




Arena Basics - Understanding the PvP System


Combat 101 - Simple explanation of how targeting, damage and blocking are calculated.

Combat Experience in Godwars

Combat Morale


Items and Equipment

Pretender God Topics

Follower Topics

Gameplay Preview Video - Archive

Many of these videos at this point do not reflect much of current gameplay. Beta Preview Video

2/13/14 - Update Video

3/13/14 - Final Update Video

3/20/14 - Getting Started 4 Step Walkthrough

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