Inside Godwars - all classes gain a “base” amount of base armor and magic resistance - . Armors contribute a base armor while rings and amulets contribute a base magic resistance .

Restrictions for Armor

To wear an armor - a member must be the level of the armor or higher. For armors with material, classes may also be restricted from wearing a certain material grade.


Auras enhance your MINIMUM dice size on specific areas(each tag adds +1% to your minimum dice roll). There is a 1:5000 chance per aura that it may be on an armor.

Accurate - Hit Roll

Deadly - Physical Damage Roll

Archaic - Magic Damage Roll

Repelling - Magic Resistance

Sturdy - Damage Absorption

Evasive - Avoid Hit Roll

Alignment and Order Restrictions

(Chaotic) - Chaotic order only

(Apathetic) - Apathetic order only

(Orderly) - Lawful order only

(Diabolical) - Evil alignment only

(Calm) - Neutral alignment only

(Angelic) - Good alignment only

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