While in a Dimension in Godwars, besides wading through hordes of monsters and looting treasure you may encounter various mini-games. Mini-games spawn about 1 per 8 dimensions. Compasses can tell you how many mini-games exist on your floor.


Dragons are special encounters that allow different actions. They spawn randomly in 1:2000 rooms OR 1:1000 rooms with relic hunter. Personalities of Dragons differ - while some are hostile and others are more friendly. The personality determines how easy it is to befriend a dragon. A dragon is treated like a BOSS if combat results of the meeting. They WILL STAY in the room if a combat results in DEFEAT(or FLEE) and the non-combat actions are no longer available. Successfully using ANY action against a dragon(outside of attacking) will result in an experience bonus gained similar to a FINAL chest. Drops of a dragon are better than a Final Chest in terms of LEVEL POSSIBLE since it use's the DRAGON'S level rather than the “Word 1”. Dragons are always solitary and unlike Boss Lair monsters - they DO NOT have a guard. The room a DRAGON spawns in looks ordinary like any other special minigame room. Walking Away, Stealing and Negotiation, if used successfully, removes the Dragon encounter from the room also. There is a large variety of dragons composed of elements and personalities. A dragon's level can be significantly higher than the Dimension it is in- even more so than Dimension bosses.

Monster Card Duel

General Rules

  • You must have 5 cards to accept any card duels.
  • This is a Best of 5 so it is over when you either Win or Lose 3 rounds.
  • If you lose, you will lose the LAST CARD you played.
  • If you win, you will gain 2 loot drops and the LAST CARD the duelist plays.
  • The duelist picks cards based upon the dimension difficulty level and he tries to play/counter play his best cards.
  • Each round the loser picks the next card.

Card Strategies

  • Flying is strong against non-flying melee.
  • Ranged is strong against flying.
  • Ranged is strong against magic.
  • Magic is strong against melee.
  • Melee is strong against ranged.
  • Elemental families affect card power so water is strong against fire, fire against life, etc.
  • The spells a monster casts uses an additional elemental family check.
  • Higher level monsters have a larger statbase in general but can be quickly overcome by a better pick.
  • Choose carefully and choose your LAST pick most carefully as you LOSE this CARD if you lose.

Finding Monster Cards

Monster cards are found at a rate of 0.5% per monster killed(roughly 1:200). You will receive a card of the monster defeated. Modified monsters do not affect this drop rate. Bosses can drop their cards also at this same rate. They can also be bought or sold on the P2P Market in the Items section.

Genie's Challenge

The Genie's Challenge is a particularly no risk - very luck based reward system ranging on picking a simple number. If you are BELOW HALF(50%) or ABOVE DOUBLE(200%) of the correct guess, you will receive an additional tip besides the simple “lower” or “higher”. Rewards for this are based upon the number range you are guessing from.

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