Weapons in Godwars have a variety of possible modifiers. These modifiers are relevant to PHYSICAL weapons only such as bows or swords. They are not relevant to Spellbooks.

Elemental Affects

1:20 odds of being generated, Elemental affects happen when you hit an enemy target and an additional roll of damage is made and compared to a (magic resistance check/2)+elemental resistance. This requires a HIT on a target for damage to trigger. Unlike a spell, this roll can be 0.

Race Killer Weapons

1:20 odds of being generated, Some weapons can possibly be “race-killers” such as “insect-killer” or “slime-killer”. These weapons are finely tuned to chop down a specific race of monsters as if the monster's trigger a sentient response from your weapon. The weapon's damage dice will be doubled anytime you attack one of these monsters and score a hit. This check is ACCUMULATIVE and made AFTER a critical hit so final damage would be ((damage*2)*2) so having a 4 damage-dice weapon with a critical AND race killer would result in a whopping 16-sided dice rolled for the damage.

Divine Modifiers

(Glowing) 1:100 and (Humming) 1:1000 weapons drop from time to time. These are the only modifiers that can ALSO be on spellbooks. Glowing is +1/10% damage where Humming is +2/20% damage.

Two-Handed Weapons

These weapons do not allow you to equip a shield. They have a +2 higher base damage than regular weapons.

Ranged Weapons

Ranged weapons are like spells in that they have “downtime” in between attacks of reloading. They attack targets based upon the OPPOSITE of normal threat generated so they are useful weapons against mages or other defended character types.

Alignment and Order Restrictions

(Chaotic) - Chaotic order only

(Apathetic) - Apathetic order only

(Orderly) - Lawful order only

(Diabolical) - Evil alignment only

(Calm) - Neutral alignment only

(Angelic) - Good alignment only

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