The two main parts of Godwars is basically two game types - The Arena and The Dimension. This document will covr the PvP aspects(Arena) of the game.

Things to Know

  • Knock Outs(KO) are used as a tie-breaker when determining placement for player teams within the Arena.
  • Weapons and Armors are automatically repaired between matches IF it falls below the player's repair threshold.
  • Experience is not gained in PvP combat and there is no other normal item drops that are found in the Dimension.
  • Followers will not be injured but eliminated in combat.
  • No AP is needed to enter arena events however you will need money to enter events.
  • PvP Arena is the primary way to earn piety besides Dimension Bosses.

Weapon Rock, Paper, Scissors

Melee vs Melee combat in PvP is different than vs Monsters in the Dimension area. Although there is no elemental families in PvP there is weapon families. Weapons are strong against other length weapons. Long weapons beat medium weapons. Medium weapons beat short weapons. Short weapons beat long weapons. Attacking an opponent wielding a weapon will result in a 25% bonus to the attacking hitroll attempt made(not damage dice but odds of hitting the opponent). Spellbooks and Ranged Weapons have no effect in this but suffer their own greater penalty as explained in Combat 101.

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