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Godwars has a variety of single-use items that a player may choose to use when navigating Dimensions.


These are very rare items(.01%) drops, Beacons can be used to “challenge” a boss to the Dimension you are currently in. Use this item when you know you have TIME to find the boss before the Dimension closes. It is also very useful when combined with the Compass.


Compasses display a variety of information about the Dimension you are in including the general direction of final chests and bosses that may exist in the Dimension. They also list the quantity of mini-games on ALL floors.


Keys can be used to unlock locked chests. Locked chests have 1 extra loot drop over regular unlocked chests. This does not include big chests like “Minor Chests” or “Boss Lairs” or “Grand Chests”.

Theme Mirrors

Theme Mirrors unlock a THEME when used while viewing the store(a “use mirror” option will be available for the theme.)

Theme Mirrors are dropped at a 1:20,000 LOOT rate.

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