Experience is the core statistic which is used to mark progression of followers in Godwars. Pretender gods(players) also receive experience from combat but it is only used to bestow back into followers however the player chooses.

Understanding Experience Caps

Your followers can only advanced as high your level cap. This can be set in the (Edit Member) section on any follower. Besides your manually set, you also have a level cap based upon your colony level.

Formula = Rounded Down((All your buildings*.9)+10)

Lastly, there is a global “cap” which cannot be past - regardless of your city structures. The global cap is set by an administrator and if changed, you will automatically pop up to where you belong based upon colony structures.

Followers In Combat

* Followers gain 1 experience point per hitpoint of damage they inflict upon an opponent.

* Followers who “kill” an enemy(defined as the finishing hit on an opponent) receive (10*monster level) in experience. For each level the member is over a monster, experience gained is reduced by 5%. If a follower is 20 or more levels over their kill, they automatically only receive 1 experience point.

* Killing a monster of higher level will result in a 25% bonus.

* Sergeant/minor affect monsters have a 100% experience bonus. Captains have a 200% experience bonus. Legends have a 300% experience bonus.

Follower Fervor

By logging in once every 24 hours(a period set after 0:00 each day), you gain +1% bonus experience on monster kills up to 10%. If you miss a single period, this fervor will be reset to 0. You will receive messages from your followers when your fervor increases(or resets).

Arena Combat

Combat experience is not gained in the PvP Arena.

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