Health conditions update in Godwars when a follower reaches 0 hp. This happens quite often from combat. Health conditions update every 12 hours for non-healthy followers which can result in health conditions moving up or down. Health conditions can also be restored instantly by pretender gods using action points. Initial wounds have a 25% chance of being more critical than the previous stage with a -1 being the least critical.

To restore an injured follower with 0 or less HP - you must MANUALLY do it on their page OUT OF A DIMENSION OR - if the member is part of your active party - they will be AUTOMATICALLY restored when you gate out/gate in. “Restore Party” does NOT repair wounded members in a Dimension.

Normal Condition


Recoverable Wounds

These wounds improve over time on their own and a follower will eventually reach a Healthy condition over real time.

Minor Wounds -1 5:6 - Healing to healthy costs 2 AP

Wounds and Cuts -2 1:6 - Healing to healthy costs 6 AP

Degrading Wounds

Degrading wounds degrade downwards in real-time towards death unless divine intervention(YOU) solves the health condition of your follower.

Severed Limb or Punctured Organ -3 1:36 - Healing to healthy costs 12 AP

Critical Internal Bleeding -4 1:216 - Healing to healthy costs 20 AP

Coma -5 1:1296 - Healing to healthy costs 30 AP

The End

Death -6 1:7776 - This is the end. You cannot restore this fallen follower without a resurrection stone. This is the closest thing to “perma-death” in the game and without a resurrection stone - you simply cannot restore this follower.

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