Classes are quite versatile within Godwars. What looks like a simple party of “warriors” or “mages” at the start turns into a large variety of different professions ranging from barbarians lurking in the front-lines or thieves darting around looking for loot.

Level-up Progession

The most important thing that dictates class to class is the differences in which they gain SKILLS and ATTRIBUTES. Squire and Student have the lowest rates while higher tier classes have a strong rate. It is the CLASS combined with “potential” of followers that control what is gained (or not gained) each level. You may ONLY change classes UP in class hierarchy.

Promotion Requirements

There are generally 3 requirements possible for any class. The first is the simplest - Level requirement. Your follower must be a certain level. The first tier of classes exists at Level 10.

Secondly a required skill is almost always required for a class. These usually are inherited from a previous class.

There are also other possible requirements for classes such as gender or alignment.

Before you pick a class, it is highly suggested you look at your stocked equipment as well.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PICK A CLASS PROMOTION however you must click on the red x ignore icon to do so. You will be prompted for a promotion on the next level. In general there is no reason to ever want to stay on the starting classes unless you really want something currently unavailable to you. The starting tier classes have the lowest base gains of skills and attributes.

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