Action Points, usually designated by an icon is what paces and controls “how much a pretender god can do” within Godwars.

Main Purposes of Action Points

Donation Box

By taking free low-level armor, weapons and spellbooks - a Pretender god needs to use 1 per withdrawal. These items can be accessed from the God Powers section of the game.

Restoring Injured Followers

This can be one of the more expensive uses of AP depending on your party size and how many members drop. You can do this while viewing an injured member.

Recruiting New Followers

Recruiting new members is one of the first uses you'll find yourself using action points for.

Dimension Gate

This is the main use for action points within the game. Each dimension requires you to use 4 action points to create or 2 action points to re-enter.

Restoring Members in a Dimension

You can restore non-injured members in a Dimension by using 2 AP. This also processes level up for followers.

Restoring Action Points


A pretender god gradually restores action points from simply existing. Each player gains +2 action points per hour and at 0:00(midnight), 6:00, 12:00 and 18:00 CST, all players gain +10 AP. A pretender god can hold up to a limited amount of action points based upon the Shrine level.


You can also use piety at the altar to restore AP with the Power option.

General Usage Strategy

There are two distinct styles of play - Do you have more AP or do you have more Time? If you are short on time - rushing each Dimension to the Grand Chest is the best method. If you have a lot of time, it is suggested you aim for an easier Dimension and milking combat experience as much as you can and NOT leaving after getting the Grand Chest(unless you find yourself using a lot of AP restoring).

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