Bonus points are a purchasable currency that may be obtained through paypal orders or promotion codes within Paper Wrestler.

Move Skillbook Generation

This allows you to generate a skill book from bonus point. The exchange is a rate of 1:1 and with a higher amount generated can also produce a bonus guaranteed skillbook of a specific rarity. These are basically the skillbooks given from achievements. They may also be purchased from the marketplace from other players if they sell them.

Account Boosters and Packages

Boosts come in 5 varieties.

Star Boost - Gives DOUBLE the scout points you would normally receive per day. This also instantly refreshes your scouting points so it is recommended you buy it AFTER you use up your scouting points for the day.

POW Boost - Gives 4 skillbooks per day. This is essentially 50% off generating the skillbooks manually. The catch is you have to wait for them to trickle in. This bonus occurs at the same time scout points are reset(0:00 CST).

Coin Boost(Purchase Points) and Cherry Boost(Learning Points) all respectively DOUBLE the rolls gained from MATCHES and ASSIGNMENTS. Other factors are NOT doubled such as Achievement rewards. The effect is drastically accumulative as losing a match is basically equal to winning a match in terms of rewards while winning is even double that. These are all very strong boosts depending upon your goals within the game. Twitter Fans is helpful in getting wrestler's fanbase big for being hired by a brand.

Spark of Knowledge Boost gives you 1 codex per 24 hours(at 0:00 CST). Due to the fact that Codexes may only normally be gained from 1000PP/LP OR winning PPVs, this exact boost has a pretty interesting way to fill your codex collection.

Weekend Warrior Package and Legend Package are collections which include ALL account boosts for a discounted price. These are incredibly powerful when you consider all the boosts combined. They also activate “incognito mode” which hides your boosts from other players.

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