Broadcast Brands

In Paper Wrestler, 3 companies exist that “hire” wrestlers from managed and freelance wrestlers. Once “drafted” to a company, the wrestler is on a contract with that company until retirement. Even if you disband your wrestler, they will continue to work for that brand and scheduled appropriately.

There is no advantages of one company over the other. The brand's TV shows such as WWF's Monday Night Raw ONLY has contenders from their brand. In top contender events - it is the top contenders within that brand oblivious to other brands. There are some combined weekly events like Action Zone which have ALL rosters.

Each brand maintains 12 wrestlers, of an age under ERA 4, of each weight class and 11 tag teams of NPCs.

To be considered for hiring from a brand, your wrestler will also be required to have a minimum of 60 "Twitter Followers".

Hiring and Retiring

This process is AUTOMATED on both accounts.

A wrestler will be RETIRED as long as they do not have a match scheduled in an existing Pay per View AND they have exceeded their ERA(there is 7 total ERAS with 12 days PER era). So a wrestler has a total of 84 days of “lifespan” within Paper Wrestler and this timer begins the moment they are “created” so if you want the maximum investment on a Wrestler, it is suggested you choose 0-1 ERA wrestlers.

Wrestlers are HIRED purely upon the NUMBER of twitter followers the wrestler has. Completing assignments, competing in house matches and having a “UNIQUE” persona all help dramatically with followers. It'll be difficult to catch up on Followers with already branded wrestlers BUT you are only competing against UNBRANDED wrestlers for hiring purposes. Player owned wrestlers have a distinct advantage over NPC wrestlers as PLAYERS can manually enter their specific wrestlers into HOUSE matches.

Only wrestlers in era 0, 1 or 2 are hired this way.

When your wrestler is HIRED by a brand - you may select a CUSTOM nickname/color for that wrestler. Simply click “Choose a Nickname” while viewing your owned wrestler after being hired and the option will be present. Besides it looking cooler than the default name - the wrestler will also gain 2 Twitter Followers instantly!

Branded Wrestler Paychecks

Although Branded Wrestlers may not be “forced” into house shows any longer - Every day(0:00 CST), branded wrestlers generate 1-6 learning points and 1-6 purchase points for their Manager if they are not an (NPC) traited wrestler. This number is a lump sum SO if you have 4 branded wrestlers - you will gain 4-24 learning points and purchase points. Branded wrestlers also gain the additional fans per day as noted in the Fame section.

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