Paper Wrestler achievements are flexible goals that a player may achieve. They include everything from winning specialty matches or hiring a certain number of wrestlers or being ranked in a certain position in any of the various scores.


You are required to have a VERIFIED e-mail address and play at least 24 hours before achievements start to count.


Any account boost active will skip any requirements but once the account boost expires, the requirements above will need to be met to process achievements.


You will gain purchase points and learning points equal to the “value” of the achievement multiplied by 10. So a silver achievement worth “20” will result in 200 purchase points and learning points as a reward once achieved. Achievements also result in skill books given per 5 of the value of the achievement. So a silver achievement also gives 4 skill books(20 divided by 5).

Players will not be able to receive ANY rewards until they have at least 24 hours of online time.

Hidden Achievements

These are hidden until achieved. You will see them displayed at the bottom of the achievements list as “?????”.

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