Within Paper Wrestler, you must recruit wrestlers from a pool against other managers. You will select a State from one of the US states(and territories) and conduct business there.

Scout Point Regeneration

Scout Point Maximum Storage = 50+[Player Level x 1] Scout Points

Refresh Scout Points = Maximum Storage/3

Scout Points are for multiple purposes beyond just scouting but also wrestler actions/assignments. There are 24 potential manager levels.

Scout points regenerate at 0:00, 8:00 and 16:00 CST. They regenerate at 1/3rd the maximum storage rounded up. For a level 1 player, that would be 51 divided by 3 = 17 scout points gained at 0:00, 8:00 and 16:00 CST.

Choosing A Home State

Not all States are created equally. In fact, some, have barely any wrestlers being represented. Real state size(amount of zip codes, cities, etc.) have an influence on how many wrestlers each state “generates”.

Picking a state costs 25 scout points. It is most productive for building a roster to stay in one state but moving around can also pay off and find some hidden talent in an odd place nobody else is looking.

Free Agent Wrestler Weight Class Odds

There is a 16.6% chance that a wrestler will be a Female contender. Females require a Level 2 manager level and are one of the earliest types you will be able to manage along with Bantamweights.

Male Contenders, roughly 83.4% of contenders, have the following odds on weight classes :

0.4% - Heavyweight - 55 Scout Points

1.2% - Cruiserweight - 50 Scout Points

2.4% - Middleweight - 45 Scout Points

7.2% - Welterweight - 40 Scout Points

21.6% - Lightweight - 35 Scout Points

33% - Featherweight - 30 Scout Points

16.6% of Contenders are Female - Women's Contenders - 25 Scout Points

33% - Bantamweight - 25 Scout Points

Free Scouting Points (*FS*)

Once per day - you receive a *FS* point. You will see evidence of this in the “SP” section of the header with a *FS* followed in gold. This allows ANY wrestler to be recruited for 0 SP. This is particularly useful with higher cost wrestlers at higher level. It is also useful when you start the game to avoid being out of actions after assigning a headquarters and recruiting 1 wrestler.

Wrestlers that are Unsigned

Wrestlers will automatically retire if they reach ERA 3 without having any player recruit them.

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