Paper Wrestler has wrestlers store momentum through matches. This momentum resets after each match.

With 3 or higher momentum stored in a match - a signature is stored. With 5 or higher momentum stored in a match - a finisher is stored. When these are stored, the move will be used when it is applicable. For instance a “grounded attack” will only be used against a grounded opponent.

Generating Move Skillbooks

Skillbooks are gained a variety of was including bonus points, in-game achievements, etc. Below are the odds of each rarity being generated.

Legendary 0.5% Special 1% Very Rare 2% Rare 4% Unique 15% Uncommon 22.5% Common 55%

These are the same odds as though generating skills using Education (Learning Points) for a wrestler.

Selling Skillbooks

You will probably not want to keep all of your skillbooks. Selling skillbooks is as easy as using the Home→Manage Move Skill Books section. Skillbooks may be sold for either/both LP and PP. Skillbooks may be unlisted from this same section by viewing a skillbook for sale.

Move skill books may not be sold again after being bought from the marketplace.

Buying Skillbooks

Buying skillbooks must be done from other managers. You may view these within the Home→Move Skillbook Marketplace. The interface is very similar to the “Manage Move Skillbooks” section except only sold skillbooks are displayed. Remember it is possible both LP and PP will be asked for an item and you will pay BOTH if you accept to buy this item. Sellers are given messages when their items are sold.

Generating Your Own

This may be done from the STORE section of the site at the cost of 1 bonus point each. Generating more at once results in a GUARANTEED rarity.

Equipping New Skillbooks

Replacing moves for a wrestler is quite easy. While viewing your wrestler - click “REPLACE” next to the desired SIGNATURE or FINISHER move you wish to replace. You will then select a new maneuver from your available skill books. This uses both the skillbook and clears the equipped skill. You should carefully use high quality skillbooks on wrestlers that you want to have managed for a while longer and have traits you find desirable.

When the wrestler retires - you do NOT get the skills back in skillbook form.

Using Learning Points for New Moves

Besides skillbooks - there is also the option to use Learning Points(LP) for a wrestler. By using Education, the skill becomes “locked” to the wrestler's reserve inventory and replaces a move much like a skillbook. The disadvantage to education based moves compared to the skillbooks is they are locked to a wrestler upon generation so you might get an amazing legendary but not be able to move it to your favorite star wrestler.

To do this - in the “replace” section for moves click the Education link. Education costs DOUBLE each time a wrestler uses the option. You must “clear” the existing move before attempting further education attempts on the same wrestler.

Gaining Momentum

* Successful body slam on an opponent and the text reads “slams”. This is why stronger/bigger wrestlers tend to win over smaller opponents as they can body slam more often.

* Body splashes or elbow drops from a turnbuckle climbing attack.

* Odds Per Attack X = 20-(Wrestler's “Momentum” Attribute) so a Negative Momentum makes this even less likely. The base is 5% per attack.

Using Momentum

Besides momentum being used for signature and finisher moves, other actions may also be used with stored momementum.

A Come-back Kick Out

With a finisher stored - a wrestler will automatically use ALL stored momentum to kick out of a 3 count pinfall to prevent a loss.

Cage Match - Get Up

If knocked down in a cage match and a contender is climbing the ring, the contender will use all stored momentum to get back on their feet and start shaking the cage to prevent a loss.

Avoid Battle Royale Eliminations

In rulesets that feature over the top elimination such as the Battle Royale or Royal Rumble - stored Finishers may be used to avoid elimination in this match type.

Move Characteristics

The Other - “Guide Moves” section of the menu is very useful for getting a fast overview of all the moves and their characteristics. Described below is when and where the moves are used in a match's pace. A wrestler will use signature moves with a finisher stored and use a reduced amount of momentum.

Combination Move - These moves do NOT use momentum points but deal half the damage of signature/finisher moves.

Submission Move - These moves are held until broken. They inflict damage per round they are maintained. They may achieve victory if a contender submits.

Throw Move - These moves throw the opponent wrestler to the ground.

Pinning Move - These moves PIN the wrestler in addition to dealing damage.

Running Move - These moves in Irish Whip situations.

Illegal Move - These moves make the crowd boo at you. Although Faces can use them, they are considered “heelish”

Ground Attack Move - These can only be used on opponents on the ground.

High Flying Move - These are used when an opponent is on the ground. They also utilize the agility attribute for additional potential damage.

Irish Whip Move - These moves in Irish Whip situations.

Corner Move - These moves are used when the opponent is thrown into the turnbuckle.

Moves that do NOT have a “location” rule such as irish whip, ground attack, etc. are used in regular grapples when a grapple is won AND a signature/finisher is stored.

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