Broadcast Brands in Paper Wrestler maintain 11 tag teams. If a member of a tag team retires - a new tag team is created to replace it.

Joining Tag Teams

Tag Teams are controlled by brands - not managers, thus the process is automated. Tag Teams are generally assigned based upon matching characteristics between the two wrestlers such as weight class, face or heel persona, etc. Tag teams may be a mix of NPC and Player Managed players or any combination.

Benefits of Tag Teams

Being part of a tag team generally means more opportunities for televised matches. It also creates yet another belt potential for the wrestler once drafted to a tag team.

Disadvantages of Tag Teams

Because wrestlers are limited to 1 title match per Pay Per View, being on a Tag Team competing for a belt does eliminate that wrestler from challenging a different belt.

Not all tag teams are created equally. You may find a partner that is not too useful and you are stuck with.

Disabling Tag Team

From the Wrestler Card it is easy to disable Tag Teams within the “Choose Eligibility” section. By default, all brand wrestlers are enabled for tag teams outside of Women's Division.

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