Wrestler cards are the name given to the page of information given while clicking on a wrestler in Paper Wrestler. The wrestling information page displays upcoming matches, relevant rankings and titles held/contendership for any individual. If you are viewing a free lance wrestler, it is possible to hire while viewing this page.

While hovering over a wrestler name on a browser that has java enabled, a smaller window will also appear displaying relevant information for the wrestler such as belts held, tag teams and win/loss records.

Wrestler Information

Weight Class - Either Women's, Bantamweight, Featherweight, Lightweight, Welterweight, Middleweight, Cruiserweight and lastly Heavyweight. Weights affect height and pounds of the wrestler. What wrestlers you can recruit is dictated by your MANAGER LEVEL which may be increased by learning points.

Home Town - The city and state of a wrestler is purely an aesthetic detail. It has no impact on gameplay.

Career ERA - A wrestler's career is divided into 7 eras and 12 days of each era. At the end of the last era, the wrestler will retire IF they are not involved in any scheduled Pay Per Views.

Overall Rating and Body Part Hitpoints These are largely based upon weightclasses and there is a small range within each weight class which makes up the OVR value. An OVR value of 100 is a “perfect” contender more or less. Traits or training can change a wrestler's attributes.

Strikes, Kicks, etc. These affect actual maximum damage output for signature moves, generic moves and finishers. These are impacted by traits and have a natural value for each wrestler.

Special Moves Every wrestler has 3 signature moves and 1 finisher move.

Traits There are many traits that wrestlers gain upon being generated and acquire randomly when an era changes for the wrestler.

Personas and Boosts These are the “summarized” affects of the traits and how they impact the wrestler.

Professional Statistics These are various statistics the wrestler has. You can view a VERY complete statistical analysis of the wrestler by clicking “(SEE ALL)” in this section.

Manager Actions

While viewing your managed wrestlers - you may choose actions in regard to the wrestler. Manager actions will be listed at the VERY TOP of any wrestler's detail pages.

Choose a Nickname

This action is available for wrestlers you manage who are signed with a BRAND but are not assigned a nickname. By selecting a nickname the wrestler is given 2 instant Twitter Followers. Choosing a nickname is free to do so it is beneficial to do it immediately.

Choose Eligibility

Another action available to signed wrestlers. This action allows you to set wrestlers to IGNORE eligibility for certain belts. This is useful if you want your wrestler to “ignore” lower belts and focus on higher belts. Since a wrestler is only involved in ONE title match per PAY PER VIEW, you may find this option useful - particularly if you time it before a pay per view is scheduled. By default ALL belts are eligible for each wrestler(within qualifying weight class). A belt is disabled UNTIL you enable it again.

Remove a Trait

This action allows you to remove UNWANTED traits from a wrestler at a fairly costly purchase point amount(180). You may not remove “special condition” traits such as “peaked” or “sunset years”.

Training Attributes

By using Purchase Points(PP), you may improve the Head, Body, Arms or Legs of a wrestler. This potentially helps their damage and durability within matches. Click on “Training” while viewing one your wrestlers to access this function. The cost DOUBLES each time you train something so be careful of the costs.

Replacing Skills with Skillbooks or Education

You may use Learning points to use EDUCATION to randomly replace moves or skillbooks. Click “Replace” next to the move you wish to replace and you will be presented with either option.

List House Events Enabled/Disabled

This is a manager action for Unbranded, managed wrestlers.

Enabled - Wrestler is displayed and utilized at the bottom of house events for manual entry into events including the “Enter All” decision.

Disabled - This wrestler is NOT displayed or utilized when manually entering wrestlers into house events. They may still be AUTOMATICALLY scheduled into house events.

Why Disable? At a certain point - you will reach more wrestlers than you have scouting points to manually enter the into house events, especially if you utilize the Freelance jobs also. Although it is recommended you always recruit wrestlers with the *FS*(Free scout) option when capable - you may not always want to take up resources(scouting points) for every single wrestler you receive. Fortunately they may still be automatically scheduled on a match card which does not utilize a manager's resources while helping grow resources.

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