The most important aspect of Bar Tycoon is Critic customers.

There is a 10% chance per customer that they are a Critic customer. This means roughly each shift you will usually see a critic(not guaranteed). Sometimes more than a single critic can be seen on a single shift!

Importance for Seasons and Weekly Events

The drinks you prepare for critics go directly into both your WEEKLY and SEASON score(1% of the actual total drink recipe score). Promotion eligible drinks do this immediately also, even if your Critic walks away with an “F” rating before clicking “Next Customer”.

Because of the high value of both Weekly and Season events, every critic should be handled as carefully as possible compared to other customers. Every other customer can gain you production or tycoon points but ONLY critics can gain you season/weekly points.

Importance for Drink of the Day

You can ONLY gain recognition for your DRINK OF THE DAY from Critics. Fortunately, an “F” rating still shoots your recipe into the standings if eligible.

Importance for Challenges

Some challenges rely on you serving a drink to a Critic. Make sure to keep an eye on your challenges and what is given to you at 0:00 CST.

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