Upgrade Parts

All cars may be equipped with a variety of upgrade parts to enhance performance over opponent vehicles and AI vehicles. Upgrades also increase your car class which restrict cars to certain races.

Gaining Upgrade Parts

NPC Drops

Defeating any NPC racer with a player owned car has a chance of dropping an Upgrade Part. Odds are detailed below.

Premium Store

Purchases can be made also at the Red Shade Games Premium Store

Equipping Upgrade Parts

Upgrading cars involves a car gaining experience and clicking the appropriate plug sign next to the Car Attibute you want to improve. All cars begin with 1 initial advancement you can use so you can select and add an upgrade part(if available). Any improvements add a 1%+whatever upgrades you add.

To attach an upgrade part, after adding a slot, simply click “Add Parts” in the appropriate slot and select the car part you'd like.

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