Titles and Contendership

Within Paper Wrestler - Through normal televised matches, once signed to a Brand, wrestlers gain “contendership points” for all qualifying belts the wrestler may compete for. All wrestlers compete simultaneously for many belts at once. For example if you are a Heavyweight Wrestler you will compete for the Paper Wrestling Championship, Heavyweight Championship, Intercontinental Championship and potentially the Hardcore Title if you have an insanity persona. That's 4 championships for just one wrestler. If the Heavyweight is a member of a tag team, they will also compete for the Tag Team Title in Tag Team matches.

Winning any match grants 1 “contendership point” for ALL qualifying matches OTHER THAN main event matches - see below.

Reigning Champions Patch and Age Updates

As of 1/29/16, the Reigning Champions patch was introduced. If a wrestler is a title HOLDER or NUMBER ONE title CONTENDER, they will NOT age in the game. This allows wrestlers to “defend their throne” as long as humanly possible and continued investment into their success/streak is rewarding. The previous system with wrestler ages for title holders felt too short as most would be vacant by a second PPV. How long CAN you hold the title?

Contendership Point Modifiers

As of 8/13/2015 - Contendership points are now modified by two additional factors : Momentum and Career ERA.

Career Era modifier is a base of 700% (for a 0 Career ERA) with -100% modifier for each career era after (a 100% modifier for a Career 6 ERA wrestler.)

Momentum adds a +100%/-100% modifier per point, positively or negatively but cannot reduce the modifier below 100%.

The logic of this is younger wrestlers generate more buzz naturally with crowds and receive more title shots while older wrestlers will still be in the hunt if they haven't been given a shot from the stored title points of their youth. It helps balance title shots better. The momentum trait also felt a little underwhelming so this will give it more importance for wrestlers.

Tag Teams

Tag Teams are also modified by the above but are using the MODIFIED contendership gain from BOTH members.

Free For All Matches and Contendership

Matches with more than 2 contenders gain an additional contendership points equal to ALL OTHER CONTENDERS divided by 2(rounded up), other than the winner, in the match making a match like the Royal Rumble worth a whopping 15 Contendership points if won. Fatal Four way gives 2 points for the winner, for example.

Main Event Matches

Main Event matches that are “top contenderships” for titles are a little different. Instead of gaining contendership points for ALL qualifying belts - the wrestler gains 2 points for THAT specific belt. Losing a contendership match results in gaining 0 points for that belt.

Battle Royale/Elimination Matches

These matches gain a wrestler 1 “contendership point” for EACH elimination. These may result in many contendership points if you can make it far. Winning still only grants 1 “contendership” as if winning a generic match.

"Be The Champ" - Contendership Points and Pay Per Views

A Top Contender is selected to face the CURRENT champion for EACH BELT in a Pay Per View. If NO current champion exists for a belt - the TOP TWO contenders will face for the belt.

NOTE : BEING SCHEDULED FOR A TITLE MATCH sets CONTENDERSHIP POINTS to 0. Getting a shot at a belt is a “once in a lifetime” opportunity for your wrestler and you will be set aside to the next “wrestler” if you lose. It is possible to get back up to high contendership with the same wrestler once lost but the odds are unlikely.

Holding a Belt

Wrestlers may hold MULTIPLE belts. Belts are held until either A.) The Wrestler loses at a Pay Per View or B.) The Wrestler retires.

Holding a belt reaps daily financial rewards depending upon the belt being held. You will ONLY defend belts at pay per view events. It is a good idea to keep an eye on who the top contenders are leading into Pay Per Views. The Pay Per View title matches are scheduled 3 days in advance. The bonus point sale also begins when the Pay Per View receives it's match card.

Honorary Titles

Honorary Titles are not like normal title belts. Contendership is not like other titles and the title is given only for winning certain events. Details on the honorary titles vary from title to title.

King of the Ring Honorary Title

King of the Ring is an honorary title rewarded at the King of the Ring event. Throughout the month that has King of the Ring - all broadcast event wins(besides Tag Team matches) reward King of the Ring qualifier points. These points are hidden. They are gained up to 4 days before the pay-per-view event. At the King of the Ring, a match will be scheduled first to award the “King of the Ring” crown to the winner. The title grants an additional 6 twitter fans per day and helps with fame ranking. This title is held until the wrestler retires.

Royal Rumble Honorary Title

This is rewarded to the winner of the Royal Rumble(30 man event). The winner holds the title until the next Pay Per View event where they will be automatically matched against the current Paper Wrestling Championship.

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