First, my disclaimer: I am not an expert on buying or selling on the p2p market. I tend to under value lures and any prices suggested in this guide are solely my opinion on what lures are worth.

Selling lures can be very profitable for players on TFO2. There is lots of money to be made if you have the right lure and a buyer that wants it. That being said, the game is a fishing game not a market game and I like to make my money by fishing for it. I think most of the lures placed on the market are over priced. I believe there are very few lures that are worth more than $800 in this game ( I can think of 2) and if I were a new player, I would avoid anything that is listed for more than that price. There have been many theories about how to set the prices of lures you want to sell on the market. My advice to any potential sellers is to set your price where you feel comfortable about it. If you are happy with the amount you are trying to sell your lure at, then you have probably set a good price for it. Always remember that the market is not supposed to be your major source of income in this game. If you post a lure at a price you think is right for the lure and it does not sell, chances are you posted it for too much money. Lures that are reasonably priced will sell quickly, those that are not, will sit on the market for days.

In general, fly and fresh water lures sell for less than saltwater lures. If you get a legendary fly lure that is fairly rare you can probably get about $500 for it (again if there is a buyer that wants it). Uncommon fly and fresh lures can go for as low as $1 each. Saltwater lure prices are greatly inflated on the market. Uncommon salt lures should be selling for $20 to $30, but we may never see those prices again. Anything that is not a legendary or Special class lure should be going for no more than $90. There was a time when prawns and squid would sit on the market for days at $15 each, but now if you find a salt lure under $50 you have found a bargain.

Private deals happen everyday on the market. These are deals between 2 players that are arranged in advance. Unfortunately many of these private deals are destroyed by “market snipers”.

Market snipers are players that constantly search the market for amazing deals. There is speculation that some might be using scripts to find these deals, but nothing can be proved so the snipers are safe for the moment. For new players, if you see a deal on the market that looks too good to be true, it is probably a private deal and you should leave it alone to avoid a rant in the forum.

So to sum things up, you can make money selling lures in this game. I would suggest that new players contact a 'veteran“ player before they list lures to help determine a “fair” price. No lure in this game is worth $999 don't pay that price. If you are thinking about spending a boatload of money on a lure, again contact a veteran player and ask what they think, most of them will be honest with you. I would also suggest that new players hang on to their lures, if you stay for a long time, you will want those lures later in the game. Good luck and have fun and remember this is a fishing game, not a market game.

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