Besides wrestling in Paper Wrestler matches - it is advisable you keep your “stars” busy with side-projects in addition to scheduling them into House Matches.

Viewing Freelance Jobs

To view available jobs - View the Home→Free Lance Jobs heading.

Within this section, you'll find various jobs suited to certain traits. For instance - to be a Movie Villain having “heel” characteristic helps increase your odds.

Difficulty of a task is based upon the skills of the most famous wrestlers in the appropriate field. Every single job takes 24 hours but may be done in conjunction with matches. However a wrestler is only capable of having a single assignment at a time.

Viewing Freelance Job Status

You may view the status of freelance jobs in the Home→Your Wrestlers and “Assignments” section. It is useful to see the times remaining on a job.

When a Job Resolves

When a job resolves - you will receive a message on if the job was completed or not and the appropriate prizes. The message details shows many details about the assignment and more specifically the “odds” you faced.

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