This is a small guide to Paper Wrestler -

When you log into the game - you will start with 51 SP and 1 FS. This is enough to set a Home State, Recruit 1 Wrestler and give that wrestler both an assignment and enter the into the next house event.

Scouting and Recruiting Your First Wrestler

1. To recruit your first wrestler - simple visit Home→Scout Wrestlers. You will be prompted to select a Home State. It is recommended you pick a state with a large amount of Free Agents available. These are generally based upon the size/amount of Zip Codes within a state.

Large states include California, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas however most states with 200 or more free agents will always have a healthy supply of new recruits coming in daily.

2. You will only be able to recruit a BANTAMWEIGHT wrestler. This is the smallest male weight class. Recruiting your first wrestler will cost 0 SP due to you having a FS. This is useful as you will have 26 SP remaining once you do this.

Tip : It is recommended you pick a Wrestler with a low age . This is indicated by the Era of the wrestler. It is recommended you choose a 0/6 or 1/6 Wrestler as they will last a large amount of time before retiring.

It is also suggested you cheese a wrestler with a “face” or “heel” characteristic. Attached is an example of a “face” wrestler. Face simple means “good-guy” and heel means “bad-guy”. There is no advantage of one over the other but there is an advantage of heel/face over no alignment characteristic.

Read more at Scouting Wrestlers

Finding A Freelance Job

Once you have recruited your first wrestler, you should have 26 SP remaining. You will want to use 5 of these to enter your first assignment for the wrestler. If you recruited a wrestler who is “HEEL”, it is recommended you choose a “Movie Villain Side Project” or, if face, choose a “Movie Hero or Heroine Side Project”. If you picked a wrestler with another characteristic such as “attractive”, “ugly” or “crazy” - there will be other side projects that may be desirable such as “male model”, “haunted house” or “Experimental Syrum Tester”.

If you pick something that fails - it is not a big deal. It is important to keep your wrestlers busy as it builds their fan base, experience and money that goes to you as well.

Once your wrestler has “attempted” their side project, continue to the next step.

Let's Start Wrestling

With our remaining 21 SP, you will be able to enter 4 “house events” with your new wrestler. It is recommended you view the CALENDAR by clicking “Calendar” from the header.

You will want to click on HOUSE SHOWS with this icon within the Calendar that are upcoming. . On this page, you will be able to submit your own wrestler to the event below the match card.

It is then recommended you proceed to each event in the Calendar that are house events coming up and enter your wrestler into at least 3 other house events upcoming. Your wrestler is a hard worker and can work multiple matches per day. You may ONLY submit UNBRANDED wrestlers to house events and you may only enter house events manually.

There is a chance your wrestlers might fight OTHER wrestlers under your management, especially if it is a “face” vs “heel” situation. It's even possible they'll interfere against each other. It is a mixed blessing as you are guaranteed both a win and a loss in these types of matches.

A wrestler may only exist in ONE MATCH within a single event.

When you enter ANY event, you may NOT enter that wrestler into ANY other event for the next 24 hours. Even if you enter a house event 6 days away, you still must wait 24 hours to ENTER your next event. It is recommended you enter events that are SOONER rather than later as there is no advantage to enter events later in time.

Typical Daily Actions

1. You should always use your any “free scouting(*FS*)” points to recruit wrestlers. This allows a free new wrestler to your roster PER DAY. There is no limit on the number of wrestlers on your roster and no disadvantages to having more wrestlers. Even if you don't schedule your wrestlers - they may be auto scheduled by the game into house matches.

2. You should use all available scouting points to enter matches and take assignments for wrestlers. If you want to focus on a single wrestler - it is recommended you enter the into all house matches available upcoming with points AND keep them busy with assignments.

3. If you want to get large bursts of Purchase Points or Learning Points - you can enter up to 10 different wrestlers into a single event, in a single day. Even if only half your wrestlers win a house event - you will gain about 45 Purchase Points and Learning Points. This allows the purchase or training of most stats, on average, of once per 2 days.

Freebies - It is possible that the game will AUTOMATICALLY schedule your wrestler into HOUSE EVENTS. This saves valuable scouting points and helps fill your own learning points/purchase points.

4. It is worth pursuing achievements for skill books which are valuable for wrestlers or reselling to other players for purchase/learning points. You also receive a nice burst of learning and purchase points for even lower achievements.

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