Paper Wrestler uses random factors to determine matches. In general, about 12.5% of matches for broadcasted events are non-standard matches.

“Instance Matches” is a phrase given to user created matches through the Scout Points system. These are different than other matches as they happen SIMULTANEOUSLY when the event starts and does not play in order with the rest of the event. This is done to prevent long events with many player entries. You will see this phrase next to user entered matches.

Standard Match

A standard match is any one vs one match(also known as a Singles match) without any special conditions or additional contenders.

Pinfall - One contender pins another contender. The lower the HP of the pinned contender, the lower the chance they'll escape a pinfall. A stored finisher allows the pinned contender to kick out for free using all stored momentum.

Countout - Although unusual, a contender may win by the other contender being out of the ring 10 rounds(The count of 10). This can happen if a contender is tossed out of the ring and is low enough on HP they cannot stand up before the 10 count.

Submission - When using a finisher or signature move that is a submission, it is possible to make the other contender submit. Lower HP on the specific body part and higher damaging submissions can result in favorable results.

Hidden Factors - Open Challenge Matches

These are standard matches where an “open challenge” is issued by a contender. An appropriate rival will answer(faces/neutrals have heels respond and heels have face/neutral wrestlers respond). They are a standard match once the match begins.

Hidden Factors - Interference in Matches

There is a 5% chance for standard non-title matches of having the chance of interference. This is usually a wrestler coming down to the ring who is an appropriate rival of the wrestler and delivering a brutal finisher to a contender who is about to win. There will be a future match called a “Rivalry Match” between the two wrestlers so although it will often result in a lost match(not always) but a guaranteed future TV match.

Non-Standard Matches

King of the Ring Match

These utilize a separate ranking that happens ONLY in the month king of the ring is. The qualification points are gained for an entire month and those 2 leaders face off for the title of “King of the Ring”. This gives the wrestler additional fans until the wrestler retires. It rewards an honorary title.

I Quit Match

An I Quit match has no count outs or wins by Pinfall. The match continues until one contender is reduced to an HP that is low enough that they quit. Submissions CAN be used to secure victory also in this match type.

First Blood Match

Like the name suggests - the first opponent to bleed loses. Damage to the head is the only chance of blood being drawn in a match at a 0.5% chance per strike. Signature/Finishers that focus on head damage are useful in this match type.

Steel Cage Match

In a Steel Cage match, the first contender to escape the cage wins the match. An opponent standing will attempt to shake the a climbing contender (50% chance per round). It takes 5 rounds to fully climb out of the cage.

Iron Man Match

There is no submission victory or disqualifications in this type of match. The match is timed for 30 minutes. Every pinfall restores HP to the victim but scores the victory 1 point. The wrestler with the most pinfalls(iron man points) at the end of 30 minutes wins. If the match is tied, it will continue until one wrestler has more pinfalls than the other.

Lumberjack Match

This match is largely typical of a standard match except there are “lumberjack” designated wrestlers outside of the ring who throw anyone unfortunate to land outside back into the ring. This mode basically eliminates countout victories and doubles damage from any “throws” outside of the ring.

Triple Threat Match

3 wrestlers - uses the same rules as a standard match except no countout.

Fatal Four Way Match

4 wrestlers - uses the same rules as a standard match except no countout.

Elimination-Style Matches

Note On Contendership Points in Elimination-Style Matches - Unique to Elimination Style matches - EACH elimination gives you 1 contendership points for ALL relevant titles for a wrestler. This raises the stakes highly on getting many eliminations.

Battle Royale

This match starts with a certain number of participants ALL in the ring. If you get thrown over the top rope in this mode, you will be eliminated. Battle Royales may happen on broadcast TV or pay per views as an opener event. Battle Royales feature 8 participants.

These are never scheduled in any NON-PPV events and are often the “Special Event” for Pay Per Views.

Royal Rumble

Same rules as Battle Royale except contenders come out every minute. A total of 30 contenders are in every Royal Rumble. Exact order of entrance is hidden.

Note : The Royal Rumble ONLY occurs during the “Royal Rumble” Pay Per View event.

This match rewards an honorary title. Winning the Royal Rumble automatically puts you into the next Paper Wrestling Championship match, at the next Pay per View, unless your wrestler retires before then.

Elimination Chamber

This event only occurs during the “Elimination Chamber” Pay-Per-View event. Eliminating contenders helps all contendership points that are valid. The event is a 6 contender match. 2 contenders start the match with a new contender entering every 5 minutes. Opponents are eliminated by pinfall. Match ends when only 1 contender remains.

Unlike triple-threat or fatal fourway matches - other contenders do not interrupt pinfalls in this match type.

Team Matches

Tag Team

This is the standard 2v2 match with only one contender from each representative team in the ring. The contender outside of the ring can run in to interfere with counts, submissions and heals while out of the ring. Preference is automatically given to the healthier/more confident contender on each team.

Variation - Tornado Tag

This is a 2v2 match with all contenders in the ring at once. There is no tags. These happen about 10% of Tag Team matches.

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