Added 2/8/2016, the Cache Game Jackpot was added to supplement many of the existing prizes and give a bit of variety/strategy to timing the usage of Influence Points for an alternative usage from Daily Goals.


Sample screenshot :


This mini-game is rewarded to players whom WIN a weekend tournament, who SPELL Trophy Fishing Online 2, who FIND a message in a bottle, who TURN IN 60 influence points OR who FIND a lure cache. When the Legendary lure cache is found, the cache is reset and all new prizes are decided. There is a 33% chance that each hidden lure will be a Limited Edition lure

Patch 2/9/2016 - Cache Mini-Games are now given for weighing in a Perfect fish. This also introduces the Cache Mini-Game quest of Keymaster for Player Quests.

Birthdays - You will get to open a cache mini game for your birthday as of 2/9/2016. This change was retroactive for any users already celebrating their birthday in 2016.

Basic Strategy

The later a cache goes, the better odds of receiving the Legendary Jackpot prize. Every pick improves the odds of picking the Legendary Lure by 1/12 (8.33%)

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