Above is a sample match card of just one event of many each week. As you can see there is a large amount of variety of matches for this event.

Weekly Events

Paper Wrestler uses a variety of scheduled events that are planned up to a year in advance, by viewing the Calendar. Below is a short description of each.

Event cards are generated as each day concludes. For example when at 0:00 on Wednesday, all events on NEXT Tuesday will also be scheduled.

Broadcast Events

Broadcast events include a total of 12 different weekly events - 3 from each specific brands and 3 from all the brands. These events cannot be “elected” to join by a player and must be scheduled from the brand itself.

Players cannot enter Broadcast Events unlike House Events.

House Events

House events are the most frequent event in the game and can be elected to be joined by player managed contenders using Fans. Only non-branded contenders are automatically scheduled for house events.

Pay Per Views

Pay Per Views are the only event where titles change hands. There is one match for each title. The top contender, losing all contendership points, risks it all against the current champion. If the current championship is vacant, the top two contenders will compete for the championship. Pay Per Views also have a “special” NON-TITLE event such as the Royal Rumble having a Royal Rumble main event.

Major and Minor Pay-Per-Views

PPVs may be either “Major” or “Minor”.

Currently there are 4 major pay-per-views :

Black Friday Souled Out(November 26)(Black Friday) Papermania (March 17th) Paper Wrestler Anniversary (May 29th)(Red Friday) CyberSlam (September 23rd)

Minor Pay-Per-Views feature 6 “filler matches” while Major Per-Per-Views feature 12 “filler matches”. Winning a match on either of these registers a unique score for either.

Pay Per View Sales

Pay Per Views often have automated sales setup with them for a 3 day sale. 3 days before the Pay-Per-View is going to start, a sale will start. You can view the status of the sale and time remaining in the STORE page.

Match Stipulations

Match types vary for Title Events.

For titles OTHER than a Hardcore match - there is a 25% chance that the match will be a Triple Threat or Fatal Fourway match. Like other matches, this resets contendership points for all involved.

For Hardcore matches - the match will be either a Cage Match, First Blood Match or “I Quit” match.

Scheduling Limits

Unlike other events - wrestlers may only compete in ONE single TITLE match for Pay Per Views. Events are scheduled from lowest to highest tier belt. If you were going to be scheduled for both the Hardcore Title and the Paper Wrestling Championship, for example, the contender would be scheduled to the Hardcore and NOT the Paper Wrestling. It is suggested you remove a contender from contendership for certain belts if you want to ensure you are scheduled for a specific belt you want to pursue. It is possible to have multiple belts on a single contender but it does take time.

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