The scamp (Mycteroperca phenax) is a protogynous grouper also known as the brown grouper or abadejo. It is normally found in reef over ledges and high-relief rocky bottoms in the eastern Gulf of Mexico and at low-profile bottoms at depths of 30 to 100 m in North Carolina. Juveniles can be found as far north as Massachusetts in shallow water at jetties and mangrove areas. This species was the most abundant grouper in areas of living Oculina coral formations at depths of 70 to 100m off the east coast of Florida. The scamp apparently moves inshore when bottom temperature falls below 8.6°C. Commonly, the scamp is about 30cm long, which makes it a relatively small member of the groupers, but a specimen has been reported at 107 cm. The fish's overall coloration is a deep tan or chocolate brown, with numerous darker markings that form dots, or lines, or groups of lines. The scamp is a popular game and commercial fish and is high prized among the grouper family. Its meat is white in color, sweet in taste and has excellent food value.

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