Traits Introduction

A large part of selecting the “perfect” contender in Paper Wrestler is the traits a wrestler has(or doesn't have.) Although you may remove undesirable traits with a fairly heft cost of purchase points, you may not be able to select “traits” for wrestlers. Traits affect all kinds of things regarding your wrestler including damage, hitpoints or persona traits such as “heel” or “face”.

Gaining Traits

* Wrestlers start with 2-4 traits.

* Wrestlers gain 0-2 traits each time they change ERAS(roughly every 12 days) until retirement.

* Wrestlers also gain the “Peaked” trait when entering the 5/6 ERA of their career.

* Wrestlers also gain the “Sunset Years” trait when entering the 6/6 ERA of their career.

Trait Rarity

Traits have a range of rarity for appearing.

Common - 70% Chance Uncommon - 20% Chance Rare - 9% Chance Legendary - 1% Chance Special Condition - No Chance

Special Condition Traits

These are given through special events within the game OR only upon certain eras such as the Peaked or Sunset Years trait.

Timed Traits

Some traits last a certain amount of time and are automatically removed. Examples of this include the various injury traits.


Injuries are a timed trait.

There is a 1:2000 chance of an injury being inflicted anytime damage is dealt in a match.

Minor Injuries (2 days) are 70% of injuries Moderate Injuries(7 days) are 29% of injuries Major Injuries(28 days) are 1% of injuries

If an injury occurs of the same type, it will “refresh” the injury's countdown. It is possible to have multiple injuries of different types on the same contender.

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