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 {{ :​ss_walkthrough5.jpg |}} {{ :​ss_walkthrough5.jpg |}}
 +Continue through all 10 customers and start a second shift - doing the same. Your goal is to earn at least 50 production points(or more). Every 50 production points allows you to open a Production scratch card. If you are very lucky, you can also earn 50 tycoon points along the way which will enable you to open a Manager scratch card. Since you are really just starving for basic products, I'd suggest either over waiting for the more expensive Tycoon scratch card.
 +====== Buying Scratch Cards ======
 +[[scratch_cards|Scratch cards]] can be purchased from the main page and you must match products to gain them. Between two shifts, it is very possible to gain enough for 2 scratch card games. ​
 {{ :​ss_walkthrough6.jpg |}} {{ :​ss_walkthrough6.jpg |}}
 {{ :​ss_walkthrough7.jpg |}} {{ :​ss_walkthrough7.jpg |}}
 +====== The Future ======
 +The game is meant to be played in intervals to give everyone a chance to win. Every 6 hours, every player is given 2 shifts. It is suggested you play the game and use your shift at least twice a day to avoid your shifts flooding over. 
 +You will want to focus on critics and competing in events to go further. There are tons of [[kegmaster_challenges|challenges]] and [[tournaments_and_seasons_of_bar_tycoon|events]] to achieve in your time at Bar Tycoon.
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