Sunday Specials are a weekly generated race for Andatura 4. They were added after the Shootout Races. They are designed to add excitement and something interesting to weekend racing in particular with a race that has no influence on the season but holds some nice rewards. It is also the longest race type in Andatura 4.


0 Npcs

Rules similar to Shootouts(No max tech, etc.)

50 laps(+14 longer than a season race)

Race is generated on Fridays after 11AM (CST).

Race starts in 2 to 2.25 days after created.

Once a week

Does not impact season points

Top 20 receives 1 influence point

Top 5 receive a random out of production vehicle. (All 5 do receive the same car) This car is randomly picked from all out of production vehicles and you will receive a message with the car you have won.


1 through 5 - 1 IP, 1 Random Out of Production Vehicle

6 through 20 - 1 IP

Participation Prizes

2 Car Cards

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