Within Paper Wrestler - there are several conditions that your wrestler may acquire while in a match. Here are some of the conditions and descriptions.

Standard Conditions


While your wrestler is standing, he or she is fighting. Acts range from strikes to grapples or resolving grapples.

On the Ground

A wrestler on the ground stands back up based upon total hit points remaining. There is a base 8.3% chance of standing every round for downed wrestlers. Having higher health points helps improve the odds of standing considerably.

In Over-The-Top elimination matches such as the Battle Royale or Royal Rumble - the base chance is doubled to improve match speed.

Non-Standard Conditions


Bleeding wrestlers never regain hitpoints through a match. This is particularly dangerous in Iron Matches for those who bleed early. There is a 0.5% chance that any damage to the Head will result in bleeding whether from strikes or signature/finisher moves. Bleeding is fairly rare in matches. Bleeding can also decide the results of a "First Blood" match.

Bleeding odds also can increase all the way up to a 50% chance depending upon how much damage is dealt to the head so using Head targeting signatures and finishers can be very useful in winning a First Blood type match.

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