The League System exists in Andatura 4 to provide a competitive tier-based system for players as well as recognition for sustained performance over 5 previous seasons.

Gaining GMP

When a season ends, you gain Grandmaster Points based on how many other players you place over. You gain +1 per player you have defeated. If you have GMP rankings over 5 seasons old, they are not calculated into your GMP ranking.

The above example shows how Grandmaster points are tabulated and in the above, you can also see how Seasons 8 and 7 are no longer calculated.

Current Leagues

Leagues range from Grandmaster to Bronze. Unranked players also exist but do not have an icon next to their name until a season is resolved. You can change leagues every season depending upon your current GMP compared to other players.

Prestigious Ranks

If you are in the top 33% of a league(or 1st place), you receive a “prestigious” icon that is not the normal league icon.

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