The houndfish, Tylosurus crocodilus, is a gamefish of the family Belonidae. It is the largest member of its family, able to grow up to 5 feet (1.5 m) and reach 10 pounds (4.5 kg). It is also often called the Crocodile Needlefish. While the Houndfish has no spines, its dorsal fin has 21–25 soft rays, and its anal fin has 19–22. They are also known to have 80–86 vertebrae. They have dark blue backs and silver-white sides and are plain white ventrally. The longest recorded houndfish was 150 centimetres (4.9 ft), and the largest recorded weight was 6.35 kilograms (14.0 lb). In the Indian and Pacific Oceans, houndfish are found in the Red Sea and from the coast of South Africa, east to French Polynesia, and north to Japan, and south to New South Wales, Australia. A pelagic animal, houndfish can be found over lagoons and seaward reefs either as individuals or small groups.

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