Wrestler fame in Paper Wrestler is determined every 24 hour period with the top 50 “famous” wrestlers receiving a special icon next to their name. Only branded wrestlers are ranked. To view what rankings are relevant to a wrestler - check the Rankings for a wrestler while viewing their wrestler card.

Fame does not affect performance but affects the audience size at events.

Social Media Accounts and Followers

Social Media followers generate from the moment a wrestler exists in the Paper Wrestler world, whether they are signed or not.

Gaining Social Media Followers

Holding Any Belt

Holding a belt grants a flat 1 to 6 New Social Media followers per day held. This stacks if the wrestler holds multiple belts with a 1 to 6 roll for each belt being added of followers.

Due to Fame

Fame is one of the largest impacts on the number of fans a wrestler generates per 24 hours(0:00 CST). Fame is gained at a rate of

X = (number of ranked wrestlers-current rank) divided by 10, Rounded up at a dice roll of 1 to that X.

So for example if there is 110 ranked Wrestlers, the #1 ranked wrestler will gain 1 to 11 new followers each 24 hour period while maintaining that rank.

X = ((110-1)/10)

“Twitter Followers” also is a part of the determining factor of Overall so these two (Fame and Twitter Followers) have a symbiotic relationship.

Due to Branding

Being hired to a brand generates a daily amount of 1 to 2 new followers per day.

Due to Existing

Simply existing generates a daily amount of 0 to 1 new follower per day.

Being In Matches

See the Rewards section for more information.

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