This patch was applied to Andatura 4 on 3/9/2015.

Accidents are now half as likely. Reduced diamond payout to be lower than masters league. Teams must participate in Season races. If no entries are in a season race over 2 weeks, the team will be automatically deleted.

Fixed Car Modifications :

2005 [Italy] [Alfa Romeo] Alfa Romeo Brera 3.2 V6 CM(4) FF→ AWD

2009 [Japan] [Suzuki] Suzuki XL7 Premium AWD(4) SUV→ Crossover

2008 [United_Kingdom] [Lotus] Lotus Elise SC Clark Type 25(7) FR→ MR

[Not In Production] 1990 [Mitsuoka] Mitsuoka Le Seyde → nationality missing, should be Le-Seyde

1973 United_States Ford Ford Maverick V8 Should just be Ford Maverick V8 , there's an extra Ford also in car name

1972 AMC Javelin AMX(2) is shown as RR, should be FR

Swiss flag nationality missing on Sbarro Astro

2011 [United_Kingdom] [Lotus] Lotus Evora GTE(15) RR→ MR

[Not In Production] 2014 [United_Kingdom] [McLaren] McLaren 650s Coupé(15) RR→ MR

Donkervoort cars' nationality are incorrectly stated as German, they should be Dutch (Netherlands).

Rinspeed cars are shown as Dutch, they should be Swiss

Ford Gymkhana THREE Fiesta(20) broken picture link

2005 Mercedes-Benz AMG C-Class DTM listed as FF should be FR

Not In Production 1966 Italy Bizzarrini P538S broken picture link

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