Implemented on 10/6/2014 for Season 20 and Beyond for Andatura 4

This patch has been introduced to address various issues that have existed for many seasons and based upon user feedback.

Balance Changes

You will now be able to submit 3 drivers into season races instead of just 2. Messages around the game have been updated.

There was a requirement to have at least 17% of the Leader's season points to receive grandmaster points when a season ended - this restriction has been removed. You now simply need at least 1 season point to be ranked properly.

Bug Fixing

There was an issue with car cards being generated on orders. I could not identify the problem so I have changed the way car cards generate. Instead YOU will generate the cards on a page load if the game owes you cards INSTEAD of the car cards processing from the order itself. The problem with cards generating does not seem to exist when you generate them manually so this should solve that issue.

Car Submissions

The game REQUIRES you to now use a manufacturer that exists in the game. If the game cannot find the existing manufacturer in the database - the car submission will be denied. If you would like car manufacturers added, it will require me to add the manufacturer and logo to the database as well as update any necessary nation information.

Season Races and Car Eligibility

A long term complaint for many and I have now taken a step to address it. The game will check season races for a number of eligible cars. If the game finds that the race has 5 or less eligible vehicles - the track will be “re-rolled” for a season rule. This ONLY will apply to MAIN season races. Shootouts and other “title events” will remain as-is.

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