Scratch cards are a simple matching game of 16 spaces which contain hidden products. If you match a product with another - you gain that product! All scratch cards have 3 chances to match and the results do not move so memory/notetaking is recommended!

Types of Scratch Cards

6/27/2016 Update - Scratch Cards have been redone - hopefully for the last time in accordance to my ORIGINAL vision of the site. The problem I was trying to keep “generation” odds parallel with “scratch card” spaces which was a mistake.

All the extra scratch cards have been removed - No more Manager or Master. There is now only Production (50 PP) and Tycoon(Cost varies/increases.)

Production is COMMON to SEMI-COMMON. Tycoon now can be from COMMON to LEGENDARY.

Tycoon Cards have an EXPONENTIAL cost that increases each time you purchase a card. (IE x1, x4, x9, x16, x25, etc.) The BASE cost of a Tycoon Card is 100TP(x)/50PP or 200P(x) where (X) is the cost modifier you currently have. This cost modifier is 100%, 400%, 900%, 1600%, etc. depending on how many tycoon cards you have purchased already(this increases each time you purchase one). The COST MODIFIER is reset at 0:00 CST.

RARITY for Scratch Cards is now based upon the concept of “You'll see a Legendary about ONCE per MONTH if you open ONE tycoon scratch card per day”. This of course can be halved by opening 2 and so on and so forth. The trade-off being that the COST Of Tycoon Cards rises as you purchase more in the same day - creating a great need for both PP and TP if you want to try many times within a same 24 hour period. The good news is - this makes scratch cards incredibly exciting when that Legendary comes up! You can view the new rarity odds in Glossary→Information Rarity (It is underneath the Generation Odds)

Note As of 6/16/2016 - Scratch cards no longer have grocery store products.

Opening Product and Mercy Products

When you first buy a scratch card - you will receive an item of the indicated rarity of the scratch card automatically. The mercy prize is given if NO matches are made on the card. Because of both of these circumstances, you are guaranteed 2 products for any scratch card.

Clearing Scratch Card Bonuses

If you clear a scratch card - you are given a semi-common to legendary product randomly.

Gaining Skills

If you match a product with a book icon - you receive a skill point for that product AS WELL as the product itself. Skill books appear about once per scratch card randomly.

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