Within Paper Wrestler there is a population of “NPC” wrestlers. These are different from “Freelance” wrestlers that may be hired by player managers. These wrestlers do NOT force entry into House events. NPC Wrestlers automatically generate as unbranded wrestlers per day. Wrestlers released by players become NPC. This is also true of players that are deleted for idle time(1 year of inactivity) if such a situation occurred.


Just like player managed wrestlers, any training DOUBLES the cost needed for the next training upgrade. Unlike player managed wrestlers, resources are ONLY used for the wrestler that generates it. This is a distinct advantage for player managed wrestlers over NPCs, especially when considering player managed wrestlers can enter house events on demand.

Skill Books

Using their own “learning points”, NPC wrestlers will exchange skill points(if possible), on the 0:00 reset. If the skillbook they generate is better than an assigned signature or finisher - they will replace it.

Training Points

Using their own “purchase points”, NPC wrestlers will randomly trade in for an increase of 1-2 for one of the four attributes Head, Arms, Body and Legs.

NPC Trait

NPC Wrestlers have the “NPC” trait. This trait lowers momentum for the wrestler by 1 which gives them a slight disadvantage from the start.

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