Daily quests were added to Andatura 4 on 5/12/2017 in anticipation of Red Friday of 2017.

Daily quests are an emulated system already in place at Trophy Fishing Online 2 that gives personalized goals while playing the game that are scaled to both new and experienced players.

Goal Types

There are currently 12 quest types that exist.

Win using a car made in the year XXXX

Win a Race with [Manufacturer]

Time of the Year - Win during a special event with ANY car.

Open a Car Prize Cache - Can be completed by opening a car prize cache(can also be completed using the 30 influence points purchase)

Delete Another Goal (Eraser)

Hard Rain - Win a race in the RAIN or SNOW.

Win a race in (Country)

Win using a car made in (Country)

Win using a (Drivetrain) Drivetrain Car

Win using a (Body Type) type Car

Win using a Tech xx Car

Win using a car from Region(North America/Europe/Asia-Australia)

More Information

Quests for the most part can only be completed on the “Goal Ranked Tracks”. These tracks change every day at 0:00 CST and also give +25% winnings for all completed races.

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