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 +====== Manufacturer Reputation Patch ======
 +This patch was introduced 1/16/2018 to [[Trophy Fishing Online 2]].
 +The Lure Manufacturer reputation system is NOW LIVE. You can now gain levels of reputation for the currently 105 eligible lure manufacturers in the game. To begin any Lure Manufacturer reputation tree, simply catch a Boss or better fish with a valid manufacturer and you'll gain level 1. Each level has a different requirement with the final 3 levels(10-13) as special gauntlet fish, many of which are *nearly* impossible. Navigate to Lures->​My Lure Manufacturer Reputations to get started. Enjoy! Please report any problems in this thread if you find anything major but I have tested it so far and found nothing too wrong.
 +* Manufacturer Reputation System Added 
 +- Links to page from Lures->​My Lure Manufacturer Reputation and also the Home->​Home page by clicking "Lure Manufacturer Reputations"​.
 +- Updated player profiles to include manufacturer reputation stats.
 +* Minor Tweaks
 +- Name is now clickable in the header of each page, next to money. Takes you to your public profile page.
 +===== Manufacturer Reputation Page Text =====
 +Welcome to the Lure Manufacturer Hub. Here, you can earn rewards from SPECIFIC lure manufacturers by completing goals, paying in-game money, earning in-game money and finally facing the PERFECT fish gauntlet which requires specific PERFECT fish to be caught to advance.
 +Each Level in a Lure Manufacturer increases your fish fighting by 1.5% specifically when using a lure by that manufacturer.
 +Each Level in a Lure Manufacturer increases payout of cash-outs from fish caught with their lure by 4%.
 +Each Level gained in a Lure Manufacturer grants 1 influence point.
 +Fame Ranks
 +0. Unknown
 +1. Rookie
 +2. Rookie
 +3. Amateur
 +4. Amateur
 +5. Amateur
 +6. Reknown
 +7. Reknown
 +8. Reknown
 +9. Reknown
 +10. Celebrity - Gauntlet Mode
 +11. Celebrity - Gauntlet Mode
 +12. Celebrity - Gauntlet Mode
 +13. Legend
 +Note : You can only gain a SINGLE rank in a cash-out EACH specific manufacturer.
 +Note 2 : Gauntlet fish MAY be unavailable for newer manufacturers - Gauntlet fish are redetermined at the start of each SEASON.
 +Note 3 : Not every manufacturer is created equally. Some are more difficult to achieve the Legend status than others.
 +Note 4 : All goals regarding a fish happen ON CASH-OUT only.
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