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 +Engine rebuilding is the act of modifying a car to usually remove parts or simply reset mileage. Mileage slowly degrades vehicle performance so having minimal mileage is important - particularly in PvP events. As of 10-28-2013, there is 3 different options in the game in regards to engine rebuilding.
 +{{ :​enginerebuildoptions.jpg?​nolink&​300 |}}
 +====== Dirty Engine Rebuild ======
 +This is the simplest and cheapest(0 IP) reset. It basically resets the car HOWEVER it __WILL destroy ALL PARTS__ attached. This is a great option if you have parts you don't care about or cars with no parts as it saves valuable IP.
 +====== Preserving Engine Rebuild ======
 +This option keeps parts and slot assignments on vehicles and resets mileage. It costs 1 IP. This is useful if you want to keep parts on a car but reset mileage(useful for season races). This is a vastly cheaper option IP-wise compared to the Recovery Engine Rebuild but does cost the most in-game money.
 +====== Recovery Engine Rebuild ======
 +This option is the ONLY way to move parts from a car to another car. It also does reset mileage. It is the most expensive rebuild(7IP) but costs the same in-game money as the Dirty Engine Rebuild. This option is useful if you want to move highly valued parts from one car to another.
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