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 +Currency in [[Godwars]] is based on copper pieces as a base unit. It is automatically rounded into the largest currency units as you gain more copper pieces.
 +**Rhodium** (rp) - This is the most valuable precious metal, worth 10,000 copper pieces.
 +**Platinum** (pp) - Worth 1,000 copper pieces.
 +**Gold** (gp) - Worth 100 copper pieces.
 +**Silver** (sp) - Worth 10 copper pieces.
 +**Copper** (cp) - The base currency coin.
 +You will always be displayed the currency you hold converted into the largest coin so, for if example you had a large fortune of 1,952,784 copper pieces you would actually see that you hold 195 Rhodium, 2 Platinum, 7 Gold, 8 Silver and 4 Copper pieces. ​
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